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Hello friends - I had planned this blog in hopes of gaining insight into how to manage the kids while dealing with severe health issues but I find my strength is rapidly diminishing and I might as well stop while I can still write. However, I will give you an update. After finding out my own devastating news, my spouse of 33 years was diagnosed with liver and kidney cancer, so she too will be "moving on". Its odd because I'm a non smoker but got lung cancer and she is a non drinker and got liver cancer. Well, I guess one can never, ever anticipate what lies ahead.

As for our acting out teens - they raged and acted out even more for a while, but the youngest two, although still smoking pot a few times a day - have ceased raging and have become affectionate and helpful. Yesterday they cooked me the most wonderful birthday dinner and set up the dining room filled with flowers and my grandmother's table cloth for dinner. They are also open to counselling and are actively…